Real Estate I.R.S. Ardèche France, Since 1974*

Our aim is to find and propose properties that will answer your specific criteria : character and style, excellent renovations, high quality building work or buildings with great potential. We are always on the look-out for fabulous views or unique positions in a preserved environment.

Purchasing a village house, a large country property or a plot of landing for one’s future residence is an act simultaneously full of emotion and requiring careful planning.

Our role is to accompany you throughout the search period up until and including the signing of the final purchase documents and we will only be totally satisfied once we hear you say how happy you are in your new home.

Thanks to our long experience and with increasing numbers of vendors seduced by our objective and detailed commercial presentation, we aim to show you properties that will match your criteria as closely as possible.

We hope that our long-standing « savoir-faire » will enable you to fulfil your property dreams.

 *Created by Yolande Vosters and Eduard t’Sas, now run by their daughter Mireille t’Sas-Javelas, with their grandaughter Chloé Javelas.

Mireille t’Sas - Javelas & Chloé Javelas